Preserving DeviceCompatibility.xml File

Users have reported that installing updates to Forte cause the DeviceCompatibility.xml file to be overridden. This file contains customizations for how certain plugins are handled when saving scenes. The copy of this file in the program directory is a “factory” file and is intended to contain content supplied by Brainspawn.

However (good news), Forte also looks for and loads this same file from the “application data directory” (where the OPTIONS.INI file lives). Therefore, if you have customized your DeviceCompatibility.xml file please copy it into your application data directory.

Future builds of Forte will copy in the factory version of this file to the application data directory only if no file already exists. If a file exists it will be preserved.  This applies only to the copy in the application data directory (the program files directory copy will always be overwritten).

Also, if you are installing a beta version of Forte, please install it in a separate program files directory.

The latest copy of DeviceCompatibility.xml can be found at