Hello!  Thank you for trying Forte.  These articles can help you get started with Forte and help you through the install and first time setup.  Forte needs a little guidance from you during and after installation because it uses VST plugins and audio and MIDI devices and these things need input to tailor Forte to your specific computer.

  1. Installing Forte – Installation walkthrough outlining key decisions you will need to make during installation.
  2. First Time Setup – configuring plugins, audio, and MIDI devices
  3. Adding a plugin and creating a scene to snapshot a performance state – illustrates the first most basic use of Forte
  4. Routing and Mixing Audio – a quick overview of how audio and MIDI move through Forte
  5. Automating performance with MIDI – an overview of how you can use MIDI events to do things like advanced to the next scene
  6. Controlling MIDI to a specific plugin – shows you how you can control separate plugins with different MIDI input devices
  7. Preparing a Rack file for performance
  8. Using Forte with Samplers and other “long load time” plugins – shows how to use Forte with samplers (a very common use case)

After reading through these tutorials, you may want to visit our knowledge base for more information.

Again, thank you for trying Forte!  We hope you find it very useful and enjoyable.


The Brainspawn Team