Ross Warren
"Prior to using Forte its was more or less impossible to use VSTi's outside of the studio. Now we can reproduce the studio sound in a live situation which is great....It really is just as good as a rack system but without the bother of having to set up and transport all that kit."

Ross Warren (HelioMonster)

Forte, as a VST host, is part of a performance system that also includes your choice of PC, OS, plugins, and audio/MIDI interfaces. Brainspawn does not offer system integration services. Instead we have developed a number of tools to assist you in integrating a performance-ready system. Please see the System Integration page for details.

Q:  I can't download the software from the download page

A:  The license key is tied to the user name.  Please make sure you enter both accurately.  If you copy/paste these into the fields, make sure there are not additional leading or trailing spaces.  Make sure you use a Forte 2 license key for Forte 2.  It is different from Forte 1.

Q:  My download installs 64 bit Forte 3 but I want 32 bit Forte

A:  The default Forte 3 download is a "unified" installer that install 64 bit Forte on 64 bit Windows and 32 bit Forte on 32 bit Windows.  If you wish to install 32 bit Forte on 64 bit Windows visit the download page and download the 32 bit-only installer.

Q:  Does Forte support XYZ's VST plugin?  Does Forte work with ABC's audio interface?

A:  Please download the free trial and try it.  The VST and audio interface world changes quickly.  Brainspawn does not endorse specific VST plugins or audio interfaces.  We can recommend you choose an audio interface with a vendor-provided ASIO driver.  Feel free to post a question like this on our forum.

Q:  When are you going to add feature X?

A:  Brainspawn does not pre-announce dates for new versions.  In our experience, timing is dependent upon many things including how quickly beta testers become comfortable with new versions that are in beta testing.

Q:  I can't get XYZ's VST plugin to work in Forte

  • Please read the System Integration page.  Most of the advice available for making a plugin work is on this page.
  • Ask the user community on the forum (this is likely faster than a direct email).
  • See additional support option on the left

Support Policy for Plugins

Although we endeavor to be highly compatible with most plugins, 100% compatibility with all plugins is not a realistic goal. Plugins vary significantly in quality and stability and not all are robust enough for live performance. Because of this, we intend to provide high compatibility for major tier plugin vendors' products, but unfortunately we cannot commit to investigating and fixing issues with every plugin. Please consider instead contacting the plugin vendor, or using alternatives. We can work with vendors if you have them contact us.

If the above resources still do not answer your question, please use the support options listed in the menu to the left.