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"Once again, your rapid customer support saves the day! Thank you for your fast reply and my compliments for the great product. I love the new features, just what I have been waiting for. "

Warner Werkhoven

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Forte 3 has arrived with many new features:

  • Native 64 bit version
  • Multiple output VSTi/DXi support - each stereo pair of a virtual instrument now has independent routing, inserts, mix (see console Mix tab)
  • Supports VST plugins with up to 8 inputs (only the 1st two channels are used.)
  • Rename MIDI Ports with custom names
  • Improved Scene Access
  • Improved MIDI Filters: 4 key ranges in midi filters to support dead zones, layers, chords, etc.
  • Improved per-Scene Control for better control of when plugins receive new configuration
  • MIDI Monitor for plugins
  • Redesigned SceneView
  • New Scene Manager for better management of sets
  • More MIDI automation options for scene changes
  • Up to 8 "Quick Access" scenes re-callable via MIDI automation for immediate access regardless of set order
  • Global transpose options assignable to scenes, songs, sets, or the entire rack
  • jBridge support to host both 32 bit and 64 bit VST plugins
  • Offline Operation: When loading a rack that is missing audio or MIDI hardware, you can now either adapt the rack to new hardware or choose to run the rack in "offline" mode. Offline mode creates "proxy" devices to emulate audio and MIDI hardware.
  • Improved MIDI filter editing features

Bring the power of VST instruments to the stage.

Forte 3 unleashes your creativity with features designed specifically for live performance.  Control entire sets of plugins using set-lists and scenes. Flip between setups with the touch of a button.  Route MIDI in flexible ways to your VST plugins for new creative possibilities.

Forte 3 is used by many musicians including rock keyboardists, theater companies, churches, and the circus.  See what a few of them have to say.

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