Dave Stewart
"The program has never crashed and just sits there quietly doing its thing - it's one of the few pieces of software I own that I don't have to worry about!"

Dave Stewart (UK keyboardist / composer)
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Brainspawn is the creator of the forte™ line of live performance software products. The company focuses on optimizing the live performance experience of musicians at all skill levels, offering a growth path from novice to seasoned professional. Brainspawn products are Windows-based and provide an affordable solution for PC users – all backed by world-class service and support.

History & Philosophy

Brainspawn was founded in 1998 to publish a series of DirectX audio plugins, including a spectrum analyzer and other test-oriented plugins.  In 2002, the company introduced forte™ 1.0 as the world's first audio application designed specifically for live performance of virtual instruments (VST plugins).  Over the years, forte™ users have grown to include touring rock bands, TV and film score composers, Broadway shows, circuses, and classrooms.  Brainspawn has progressed by learning from customers and striving to make forte™ the trusted choice for live performance.

What's with the hot-tub?  It's an old joke about how our products were conceived and possibly the future above-ground annex to a secret underground lair.