Professor Bruce Pennycook
"Forte is fabulous and really solved a big problem in my studio. My grad students also use Forte for everything on that pc with no issues at all."

Professor Bruce Pennycook, Dept of Composition, School of Music Dept of Radio-Television-Film, College of Communication.
University of Texas at Austin
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Matthew Luker of Zookeeper's Palace

I exclusively use virtual instruments in my live performance setup, and Brainspawn Forte is the key piece of software that makes it all happen.  Forte allows me to take a very unique minimalist approach with my live setup. I've been an avid Brainspawn user since 2004 and comfortably rely on Forte to run my complete live rig without any issues.

Though my current band's music is very complex and I have many sounds and parts to cover, I use only a single 61 key controller with virtual keyboards and complex keyboard splits that I switch on the fly. I use this approach to instantly change patches while keeping my hands in the same position, and in some cases even use the MIDI filter for alternate fingerings or single note tricks if I run out of keys. I try my best hide the fact that I'm even using a computer by using a powerful tablet convertible instead, as I don't care for the typical obvious awkward "Macbook on a table next to me" approach that I see other keyboardists doing at shows. My entire configuration is made possible with the use of Forte as the center of my setup.

About Zookeeper's Palace

My latest project is with "Zookeeper's Palace", a progressive rock band from Los Angeles. Our debut concept album, "Red Sky
Ruminations" is a wild journey into the unknown. This jungle-opus skirts the line of life and death, love and loss, and all the greys in between. The ZkP sound, devised from the likes of The Mars Volta, Mew, Pink Floyd and Incubus, is a signature percussive rock blend with thick poly-rhythmic grooves.


Debut Album "Red Sky Ruminations":