Floating Aux sends: here's how

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Floating Aux sends: here's how

Postby Dirk Offringa » Sat May 29, 2004 4:00 am


Still following up my own "wishlist" post: the floating Aux send panel is here! thanks to Tobybear.

Here's how:

1: download MixBox vst plugin here:


2: try to understand how it works :shock:

(this plugin creates busses between its instances)

3: Add a bus, route the output to your main outs, call it Main Bus

4: Add a bus, route it to your main outs, call it Aux1

3: Insert an instance of MixBox in Aux1, followed by (you name it) a Reverb plugin. In THIS instance of MixBox, set ONLY the input slider named Bus1 full up, the others down (result: MixBox takes the input signal from it's own Bus1, not from the 'standard' input of the Brainspawn bus (that would be the one named 'Live').
Now put output slide "Live" full up, others down (result: the input from bus1 is sent to the other plugins in the chain, and normally routed to you main outputs. If you have a Reverb plugin here, set the dry/wet mix to full wet, as you would do on any aux bus).

4: add any number of Brainspawn Audio Input modules, route each to Main Bus (the dry signal path).

5: Insert a MixBox instance on any module you want aux sends for, anywhere in the plugin chain of the module, just where it suits you. (here creativity comes in!). In THESE instances, set the Live input slider full up (let in the original sound), set the Live output slider full up (let it out unaltered again (the dry signal path to Main bus). All others down.

6: The Bus1 output slider now acts as aux send to Aux bus, where you have your reverb plugin.

You can thus create up to 4 auxiliary mixes.

Looks complicated, but once you got the felling, it's easy. Just try to understand basic mixer routing.

Have nice day

PS Tobybear warning: MixBox is still beta, use at own risk.

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