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Postby fab » Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:17 am

when answering to a post requesting an advanced type of midi conversion I almost posted this there but I think it is a separate topic, so here it goes:

1. I have no feature request for forte!

2. earlier I thought that I would like very advanced features like midi feedback to midi controllers for vsts and such but I do not anymore. I think forte is excellent, very stable and solid. great live program!

3. but please do not block midi messages from arriving somewhere or if you do, make this an option! I still can't send program changes to the multi fx which i insert in my keyboards bus or after an instrument! the manual says that this is to prevent inadvertent changes in multi fx plugins ?! well, yes that can happen, so please make PC an option and set the default to "PC off". (ok, there is a very convoluted workaround: sending sound out from forte to a virtual audio cable and back into forte and into the multifx inserted as an instrument - but come on! )

4. apart from that, i'd personally rather have that forte makes all the incredible functions that it already has as clear and easy to understand as possible before introducing more functional features. i am convinced that would help the marketing to new users as well.

e.g. the audio routing is very opaque meanwhile, with audio inputs, multi out instruments and multiple inserts, you really cannot see what is going on; the midi conversion and routing including virtual ports is absolutely great but also hard to find. many clicksneeded. is that a request vor mixer view? no! i do not care what a midi or audio routing overview would look like, it could be a matrix (like RME does it on the matrix view) or whatever. but some overview would be really great!

and even better, if the aux buses were a native part of forte and show in that overview, but ok, that IS a functional feature request.

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Re: non-Request

Postby MikeG » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:34 pm

Hi Fab!

#1 - if you do, please post them on the user support site as feedback

#2 - thanks! cool.

#3 - This was a deliberate design choice - I think the right answer is to redesign the MIDI input filtering/UI. I agree its hard to find stuff today.


Mike (brainspawn)

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