Metronome VST-Plugin for Forte 4 - Searching for...

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Metronome VST-Plugin for Forte 4 - Searching for...

Postby lifeperformer43 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:47 am


Yes, i also were reading the old questions in this forum about a metronome click...

But now - The Future has began :) ... and I am working with forte 4 live on stage and my drumer needs a metronome click in his ear.

1. Is forte able to give out an Metronome-Click to an another bus from my interface NI-Komplete 6?
2. Is in the big world of VST-Plugins a Metronome-Plugin, which works with forte? No matter it cost money...

Please help...

Thank you and have a nice day
greetings from munich
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Re: Metronome VST-Plugin for Forte 4 - Searching for...

Postby evilantal » Tue Aug 11, 2015 2:30 am

I have used a metronome live on stage with forte before.

My problem, then, was that EHCo's MIDI clock out didn't work correctly in my setup. I ended up using a quite complex method of running REAPER outside of forte with different songs/tempos on each tab and switching between those tabs by sending program changes to REAPER through EHCo.

I think EHCo was updated later to correct the issue I had.

What you could probably use is a VST that generates it's own click audio (instead of just MIDI) and route that to a different forte bus that outputs to a different set of ASIO outputs than your main sound.

You could look at:
Sonic Assault Tap!

Or hosting an instrument that produces the click in the VST version of energyXT which in turn is hosted in forte.
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