V-Station occasional glitching on load

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V-Station occasional glitching on load

Postby tekhedd » Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:17 pm

Using v2.2 with Forte 4.0.15. After I switched to 64-bit mode, I occasionally run into a situation where my first V-Station instance will glitch out. The other two instances are always fine. It sounds like a perpetual buffer underrun, with lots of silence, glitching from 2-10 hz, and is the same no matter which preset/patch I load. I believe this is probably a bug in the V-station init code. I am am trying the 2.3 version (maybe a bug in 2.2?) and updating to Forte 4.1 (hooray) so we'll see if it goes away. Usually when I exit/reload the program it starts working. However, I had to restart it 4 times at a show this month and that was scary!

I'm just mentioning it here in case others have the same problem. Unfortunately I had to change several things at once: it may have been an interaction with jbridge (which I have now removed), or maybe there is a race codition/timing bug that only shows up in some situations. As the synth appears to be somewhat twitchy (stuck notes on startup and sometimes the mod wheel affects the pitch even when that's disconnected) I think it has a lot of highly optimized DSP algorithms that can go ... wrong... in entertainingly dynamic ways. (But it does sound great with almost no CPU utilization, so *shrug*.)

Incidentally, switching to x64 forced me to buy VB3, and oh my does that thing sound great! And rock solid.

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