Asio4all issue

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Asio4all issue

Postby hisdudeness » Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:57 pm

Dear all,

I´m using Forte 2 latest version but also tried this with the Forte 3 Trial:

When using Asio4all (v2.9 and v2.10) Forte shows me whatever I setup in Asio4all (Samples) always 40ms in Forte 2 and 32ms in Forte 3. I can decrease this by 1ms by setting audio buffers from "auto" to "1" in Forte but that`s it.

Is this a bug or just the way it is?

When using Asio4all with my VSTi Steinberg Hypersonic in stand-alone mode (without using Forte) Hypersonic does take changes I make in the samples settings of Asio4all.

Thanks a lot!

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