Bad MIDI driver failure (of some sort); two Bugs

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Bad MIDI driver failure (of some sort); two Bugs

Postby GarethHD » Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:59 pm

Hi Guys
Diagnosing this remotely with a techy but non specialist composer/player.
System: forte 2.2.6, windows 7 64bit, custom rackmount pc running gigbyte motherboard+onboard graphics, Q8400 quadcore, 4GB Ram, PCIx Delta1010, Native Instruments Komplete 6 (4xKontakt 4, Absynth, Massive in actual rackfiles). All plugs and forte in 32 bit mode, obviously (but sees 4gb of RAM which is good news)

Problem: forte has suddenly started not seeing MIDI from soundcard on some rackfiles. This appears to be because the rackfile is loading up with all MIDI mapping (that has previously existed) disabled. Re-enabling any given MIDI channel works as expected; obviously its totally impossible to do this across the multi-instance multi-layer multi-scene rack.
- many working rackfiles save and then continue to work with the new filename. On reload (after reboot) they stop working (MIDI inputs disabled); the MIDI driver is still active.
- loading up an individual (only tried one) much older version of the rackfile prior to loading new failed rackfiles repeatably causes them to work again (although not checked this with the most recent and initally failing rackfile in case it corrupts the 12th reinstall of the drivers and forte).
- forte did not appear to be cleanly reinstalling. remove progams dialog was the only way to do it (assuming that it worked; at least it started with an untitled rackfile which it had not been doing)
- have tried multiple (!) attempts to reinstall drivers for soundcard and forte, intially from the drivers and then by using remove programs. [The only thing not tried is to remove the soundcard before reinstalling the M-Audio drivers, which might have been wise given the Delta Manual instructions to install drivers before the PCI card, but not really practical as 150 miles away and also not apparently necessary on reinstalling on other previous Delta1010/XP based systems]

Initially I thought that the rackfiles were being corrupted. Then I thought the M-Audio drivers were being corrupted on the MIDI side in some respect. Behaviour would indicate neither of these are true; my best guess is that the MIDI remap feature is somehow being corrupted or is failing in some way.

The original files that these racks are based on are from 1.6. In order to get them to load I had to be clever with (something like) saving multis out of kontakt (overcoming name change on M-Audio, VST plugin change) and then reloading multis. I also discovered two bugs:
- The automated fader - if you attempt to update it on every buss and patch using the rack editor but it is not enabled on EVERY scene (whether in the patch chain OR NOT, which is the killer) it crashes forte out.
- The Update button doesnt work in the scene editor (1.6 behaviour would be fine), which makes life pretty cumbersome.

Might any of these issues be addressed in the new release? Is it worth trying? I would imagine that if it were less stable for some reason, a clean reinstall would allow us to return to the current position where at least we can use the system for the opening night tomorrow...


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Re: Bad MIDI driver failure (of some sort); two Bugs

Postby MikeG » Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:56 pm

Hi Gareth,

I think what I need to see from you is two things:

1) a rack file that exhibits the failure, and...
2) a log file that shows how the MIDI ports are being enumerated.

To get the log file right, configure Forte for "Information" level logging, then restart Forte.

I need to know the names of the MIDI ports and what order they are in. I can simulate this on my system and then load your rack file.

Be sure and point out to me an exact instance of a port that is disabled when it shouldn't be.

It does sound like the MIDI port names changed for some reason. Forte will disable ports that are not known to a scene, so that if you add a new MIDI port later, it will not "contaminate" your rack with its input. However, Forte will also offer to remap ports if the right ones aren't found on rack load. So I wonder if for some reason the 1st scene in the rack file has everything it needs so it doesn't complain, but then the other scenes reference different port names and get disabled.

Please send the 2 items to me at support at brainspawn dot com.


Mike (brainspawn)

PLEASE NOTE that the forum is not monitored as frequently as the support site above. This forum is intended primarily as a way for users to ask other users questions about the use of Forte.


Re: Bad MIDI driver failure (of some sort); two Bugs

Postby GarethHD » Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:36 am

Hi Mike
I'll get my guy to send you the files


Re: Bad MIDI driver failure (of some sort); two Bugs

Postby GarethHD » Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:51 am

Hi Mike
I'm not sure you ever got those files. In the end, we (me, over the phone!) solved the problem by going back to a rackfile that didnt corrupt but which fortunately had all the data in and just needed the show list re-assembling.
If you're interested, I may be able to identify a rackfile to send you now I have the computer back. In the meantime, my guy thought through the failure situation and reckoned it happened just after he pressed the arpeggiator button on the KX8 he was using as controller.
It didnt happen again once we'd rebuilt.

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