POT pickup for instrument and main bus?

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POT pickup for instrument and main bus?

Postby hisdudeness » Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:09 am

Dear all,

I am using a Novation SL37 Remote to controll my Forte. Mostly I'm using bus volume control, midi volume control and scene changes via the Novation faders and knobs.
When using the Novation with it's Automap feature e.g. in Cubase I can use a so called "pot pickup" feature: Whenever I use one of the faders or knobs on the Novation e.g. to control a mixer fader in Cubase then the fader in Cubase won't move until I moved the fader on my Novation to the same level.
I just changed a scene in Forte. Instrument bus #1 is set in Forte to 50%. But the fader in my Novation is currently (from use during the last scene) at 100%. If I now move that fader the instrument bus will immediately jump to 100%.
If there would be (or is there already?) a feature like "pot pickup" then the instrument bus wouldn't change until I reached the 50% which is set in Forte with the fader on my Novation.

I think this would be very useful especially in controlling volume levels.

Or maybe somebody found already a solution for that?

Thanks a lot and best regards

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