overall latency

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overall latency

Postby wolferl » Wed Oct 17, 2007 8:38 am

As far as I know latency time from pressing down the key until the sound comes out of the loudspeaker is a sum of several latency sources:

1. Mechanic contact to Midi
Is the speed which the microcontroller of the keyboard needs to change switch signals to midi. Very fast - I guess some µs.
2. MIDI to Software
Informations about these timings are very hard to find. Some MIDI-Interfaces are very slow - several ms (!). Some are very fast. I found out by the help of this SW-Tool my fireface MIDI-Section has a very very fast timing of about 0,5ms for a single note.
3. Software to Audio-Interface
Informations are also very hard to find. Some VSTi's are slower than others. Example: A NI B4 Organ is faster than a piano model from truepianos - but that's only what I felt - I made no measurements up till now.
4. Audio-Interface to Audio-out
These values are well known and depends on your buffer settings. If you measure these values with software like that you will be amazed because these values are different to your driver settings...

My question is: Are there any further informations about point 2 and 3?


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