New Controller

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New Controller

Postby seanet » Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:00 am

Hi guys,

I have had in mind for a while to buy one of the NI Kontrol keyboards as I use a lot of their softsynths among others in a live environment with Forte. While browsing in a music shop recently though, I was also shown the Akai Advance series... which has created a dilemma now in which to go for. Anybody using either of these keyboard that can recommend or advise one or the other? All replies appreciated.


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Re: New Controller

Postby xpansion » Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:58 am


I cannot speak to the Akai, but I've been using the NI Komplete Kontrol S88 since December of last year and I absolutely LOVE IT! Now, I don't know what specific feature sets you need from a controller are, but for my purposes the S88 has been fantastic. My specific needs were a fully weighted 88 note keyboard for use. The S88 has not disappointed. The thing only weighs 33 lbs to carry (less weight than my Fantom X7) and I love the feel of the keyboard. I also needed aftertouch, good modulation controllers and good integration with the rest of my rig. This thing has totally fit the bill. I also upgraded to Komplete 10 at the time of purchase (I was still on Komplete 7) and the combination of the pianos (particularly The Maverick), session brass and session strings has added a great new dimension to my live sound. I have not used the knobs much at this point since the S88 sits below my Fantom X7 on a set of Apex stands with VERY low clearance and overhang between the two keyboards. The ribbon controllers and the LEDs on the keys add a great visual and tactual dimension to my live performance.

I play 4 one-nighter shows per month on average and so far the build quality has kept up with the rigors of my gigging schedule.

I have not used the Komplete Kontrol software as a VST plugin inside of Forte due to the amount of overhead (loading/unloading items) it adds to a live rack situtation. I do like the browser for use in a DAW or standalone, and occasionally quit Forte and just load Komplete Kontrol for browsing and exploring sounds. I also recently purchased Arturia V-Collection 5 which also supports NKI through Komplete Kontrol. Exploring sounds has never been this fun before.

I did check out the Akai MPK88 prior to choosing the Komplete Kontrol S88. Based on the weight (67 pounds) and the placement of the pitch and mod wheels, the Akai kicked itself out of consideration. When comparing the keyboard action between the two, I preferred the S88 considerably more.

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Re: New Controller

Postby Mr Beverage » Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:32 pm

I've been "window shopping" the web for a controller to replace my QS8 (used only as a controller) for some time now.
I love the action of my QS8 but I'm getting too old to haul that thing around.
Anyway, for what it's worth, I think my replacement may be the StudioLogic SL88 Studio, weighing in at 30.2lbs as per the specs. And for the price of the NI board, I could buy 2 of the SL88 boards. ... ammer.html

I've never laid my hands on one yet though, so I can't give any sort of first hand review.

Mr. B.

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