sharing Scenes and Songs - exchange network

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sharing Scenes and Songs - exchange network

Postby wlsch » Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:47 pm

Some previous threads had similar directions

Background info: I'm using/creating different forte racks not only to represent different Hardware and Midi-Setups, but also by Band. At this moment I still have the same Hardware-/Midi Setup in all bands, but this could change. Using Forte 3 soon going to Forte 4.

Provided that the rack configuration and the installed plugins in two different racks are exactly equal, I can use the import function to import single scenes and songs from another rack to the current rack. So, if in Band 2 we take on same songs like in Band 1 I could import the songs/scenes. I like the Setlist Manager because I can create and change setlists.

Question 1: What would I have to do, if my Hardware-/Midi-Setup changes e.g.
a) other Audio Card, Midi-Interface etc.
b) 3 keyboards instead of 2 and vice-versa; a keyboard with 76 instead of 88 keys and vice-versa

Can I still import my songs/scenes (how does this work) or do I have to rebuild each scene/song from scratch

Question 2:
Would it be possible to share/exchange scenes/songs between different musicians / Forte users? (depending on the same plugins to be installed) and how could this work
In the guitar world modelling providers (e.g. Line-6, Kemper etc.) offer online pear-to-pear networks also taking into consideration the hardware and plugin setup. The user would select HIS hardware, plugin and software parameters and then gets a list of sounds uploaded by another user with fittng parameters e.g. Intro-Sound, Verse-Sound, Solo-Sound of Song x
(In the Keys world, this could drive sales for plugin providers)

Is there anything existing like this already?

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