Forte 4 Import scenes

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Forte 4 Import scenes

Postby Lucien » Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:52 am

The import of scene built with Forte 3 crash Forte 4 immediately.
In Forte 4,I saved a rack built with Forte3 and tried importing the scene in Forte 4 = crash too.
Yet, I built a new small rack with Forte 4, there, it does not crash.
Mike, thank you for looking at this problem

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Re: Forte 4 Import scenes

Postby sosKeys » Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:38 pm

Hi Lucien,
I had problems with a couple of plug-ins in F4 that worked in F3: Reaktor 5 and UltraNova Editor (UNE). The bridged version of UNE wouldn't run in F4 (whereas the x64 version wouldn't run in F3) and rack would crash with the x64 version where Reaktor was loaded first. I ended up fixing (working around?) the problem by removing Reaktor, replacing bridged UNE with the native 64 bit version, then adding Reaktor back in. The F4 rack is now more stable than the F3 one ever was, though it was a bit of a hassle finding the problem and fixing it.

Unfortunately, I've found the NI plugs don't seem to play well a lot of the time.


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Re: Forte 4 Import scenes

Postby dbrendon » Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:25 pm


Since the release of Forte 4, I have been experiencing issues/crashes when I try to import my Forte 3 rack. I had tested with each new version up to Forte 4.0.11, but with no success.

Great news! I just tested with the latest version (4.0.14) and was able to successfully import my Forte 3 rack!
Great job, Mike - whatever changes you made fixed my issue!

If all continues well with my testing, I'll be using Forte 4 on this weekends gig.

- David

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Re: Forte 4 Import scenes

Postby yamus » Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:13 pm

I have a pretty large rack from forte 3 x86, and I too can now successfully import it into forte 4 x64. But if I open the rack, then close forte, then start forte again and load the rack, and do that couple of times (in forte 4 x64), I do run into errors. I can do the same thing in forte 3 x86 and I do not have errors. One might ask, why do I do that? Well, for stability, when I'm playing 3 sets (4 hour gig), I like to shut down forte and restart it at each break just to "clean out" the memory to help with stability. Only in forte 4 x64, doing this actually causes problems. Now that you have your forte 3 rack loading in forte 4, maybe you can try this and see if you also get loading errors after subsequent loads? Make sure you close forte between each load.

I have an SSD, so it makes the process of shutting down and reloading a bit easier, I suppose. My rackfile is currently 48MB.


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Re: Forte 4 Import scenes

Postby MikeG » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:55 pm

I have a fix for a crash with importing scenes in Forte 4 upcoming.
Mike (brainspawn)

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