Forte + Omnisphere - Scene-Changes and MIDI Routing

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Forte + Omnisphere - Scene-Changes and MIDI Routing

Postby katzeratul » Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:00 am

Hello everyone,

this is my first post in this forum, so excuse me if it looks a bit wonky in places. I usually try sorting out issues by myself but this time I find myself at wit's end and it is even difficult to describe the problem, really, so bear with me.

The fundamental problem that I am trying to solve is how to set up Omnisphere with Forte 3 in a way that allows for fast switching between patches. I am trying to get my master keyboard setup running in a band context and cannot afford the loading times one usually encounters when just saving one preset in one scene, than loading another preset with the next - this process will result in loading times of approx. one second which I cannot afford to lose.

The closest I have gotten so far (without just cluttering the rack with as many instances of Omnisphere as I have sounds) is trying to use the already perfectly functioning "Live Mode" of Omnisphere that can load up to 8 samples in one instance of the VST. The idea was to add a new instance of Omnisphere whenever 8 patches are exceeded and then to keep switching between sounds by a mixture of muting and unmuting Omnisphere instances and between patches inside one instance of Omnisphere. However, just saving the states of those various changes in a scene will result in Forte still reloading all samples when I try switching back and forth and the same loading times.

Is this general approach even sensible at all? Or is there a better way of sorting it out? One problem with this configuration is that spillovers of effects will only be possible inside one instance of Omnisphere. Should I switch between two VST instances, then by configuration, the mute function will kick in instantaneously and kill the sound. But better than nothing, I guess...

Concerning the whole reloading-all-samples issue, it was already mentioned in various other sources that this can be prevented by switching on the "Do not set per scene" plugin configuration and then messing around with MIDI program changes to do the work of the switching inside of Omnisphere. Is that truly possible? If so, how? I am a newbie when MIDI commands are concerned. Could someone please elaborate and give a detailed explanation of how to set up Omnisphere and Forte using Scene Switching and Program Change Commands sent from a MIDI master keyboard?

Thanks so much!

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Re: Forte + Omnisphere - Scene-Changes and MIDI Routing

Postby MikeG » Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:31 pm

Hi Katzeraltul and welcome to the forum.

Please see this video.

Although it was made for Kontakt it generically explains how to avoid sample reloading and using MIDI program changes instead.

The specifics for Omnisphere would be different but the Forte part is the same principle.

Mike (brainspawn)

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Volker Grosch
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Re: Forte + Omnisphere - Scene-Changes and MIDI Routing

Postby Volker Grosch » Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:27 pm


first off: the way Mike describes is definitely a way that works (I had this working with 3 instances of Omni and each with 6-8 sounds inside on stage for a while). For me there were some disadvantages:

1) Live Mode needs to teach Omni to the specific program change instructions for each slot. As Forte is the source this was a cumbersome task as far as I remember
2) You have to decide which of the sounds inside Omni is called up, no way to have 2 or 3 available of them at the same time
3) Sounds are cut while switching

Meanwhile I do it in a different way: I simply load all the sounds I need in an instance to the slots, but don`t put them in live mode. Now all sounds are available in parallel and you simply can decide, which one shall play by implementing this in Omnis MIDI-routing menu in Forte. Chosing different MIDI-channels for the MIDI-channel makes decisions for one of the 8 slots in Omni.

As it also is possible to have 2 MIDI-channels mapped to one MIDI-input you also can design layer sounds or map 2 keyboards to 2 (or even more) different slots of one instance (lower keyboard = choir / upper keyboard = strings f.e.).

Last not least: as you always have to chose "Do not set per scene" for the Omni instances switching from one scene to another doesn`t cut the last sound if you leave Omni unmuted.

regards, Volker
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