Waves Plugins MRU and Search buggy?

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Waves Plugins MRU and Search buggy?

Postby DarkKman » Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:27 am


I believe this is a Forte issue rather than a plugin but feel free to move the post if need be...

I have been rebuilding my laptop and previously have always "unpacked" my WavesShell into seperate VST dlls (which helped fix a lot of issues in several hosts but leaves them un-organised... anyway I digress) and added the folder to Forte - never noticed any problems. However this time, to allow Cubase and Wavelab to better structure the Waves plugins I have kept the shell and just added the shell to Forte.

The problem is twofold (one may have been present in the old method of unpacking);

1. [This may have also happened when unpacking the shell] When I add a Waves plugin (as an insert) I can see all the plugins listed (not nicely organised but thats ok) however once added and I return to the list to add another, I no longer see the plugin name which is replaced by "WavesShell". This will happen for each plugin I add and also appears this way in the MRU so it becomes hard to find the same plugin again! This leads onto problem number 2

2. So following on from above, as it becomes difficult to see the plugin in the list I go to "Search" however, while I can see the names of the plugins if I scroll down (entering no search criteria), if I enter the name of the plugin I am looking for (even just the first few letters) it brings up nothing so the only option to find the plugin I need to to use search and scroll down.

Neither of these is a deal breaker but would like to know if this is a bug with Forte or an issue with Waves Shell... Obviously for problem 2. I could just unpack the shell and store a folder (outside my usual VST folder so I can still use the shell with Cubase/Wavelab) with all the individual dlls but the MRU issue I believe was happening before too.

Anyone else any experience of this?

Thanks in advance!

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