Dropouts - and no end..

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Karl Huber

Dropouts - and no end..

Postby Karl Huber » Sun Dec 28, 2003 5:16 am

I think the dropouts on my system are only with Forte. Other Software like Logic or Samplitube doesnt have any dropouts or so.

Only on working with forte i have dropouts while playing.
The lights at the busses are red when a dropout is, and the HD-drive LED on my Notebook is also on when a dropout comes.

I hav all done what you told me in another thread, but the dropouts are still alive......

can it be possible that this is a problem of forte1.3?

with my first Forte Version i never had any dropout....
(but the other problems like "cant save/load rack" and so on)

please help me

greetings Karl Huber

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