EZdrummer Lite VST ignored by Forte 3

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EZdrummer Lite VST ignored by Forte 3

Postby Pengman » Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:34 am

I've just installed EZdrummer Lite (64bit) and the .dll is in my usual VST plugins folder, however Forte 3 is ignoring it, even after a number of full scans to find VSTs. Against the EZdrummer .dll file in the 'Ignored Files' list, I am getting "JBridge VST module ignored because 'Main()' returned a NULL AEffect pointer..", but then I've got that against a couple of other Plugins that have been successfully installed. I'm running Windows 7.

It could be that EZdrummer is totally unsuitable for live performances, but that's not the issue - I can't demo it to find out one way or the other unless I use another VST host (which would be a bit pointless because I'm wedded to Forte). Why should Forte choose to ignore this plugin and is there any way to force Forte to recognise it?

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