the CME VX Series Masterkeyboards integrated audiointerface

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the CME VX Series Masterkeyboards integrated audiointerface

Postby MrJones » Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:01 am

Hi everyone

I'm currently on the brink of getting some new toys, specifically I need some sort of audio/midi interface for my rankmount computer and eventually a new capable Slidery and Nobby Midicontroller.
I've now discovered, that the CME VX8 really would fit all my needs to play a wide range of software vsti's: (88 weighted keys, automated faders (how cool would that be! b4 here I come :D)) and even an integrated audio/midi interface using the usb port.
Since the whole thing is kind of pricy, here's my question:

Does anyone have some experience regarding this particular keyboard (its latency and compatibility to forte in particular) and is there any evidence of usb-audio versus midi that I should be aware of ?
Thanks a lot in advance!


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