Upgrade from Forte 1.6?

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Chris T

Upgrade from Forte 1.6?

Postby Chris T » Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:41 pm

Dear Brainspawn users

I'm running multiple PC machines which run various VIs. I have an OLD PC running Forte Enselble 1.6.

The computer's specs are as follows:
Win XP Sp2, Version 2002
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.6GHz
1.5 GM RAM

Forte 1.6 runs pretty stable on this machine (though I only run a few NI and East-West VIs. If I upgraded to Forte 2, could I encounter performance issues due to the higher demands on my CPU / RAM?

I'd like to use the latest version, but I do not want to upgrade if there's ANY chance I could encounter issues with the new version on this old machine.

Advice most appreciated!

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