Novation Remote Control Surface updating via Forte

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Novation Remote Control Surface updating via Forte

Postby hisdudeness » Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:25 pm

Hi all,

I am using a Novation Remote SL 37 controller to control Forte with it's module volumes, bus volumes and also mute on/off switches for each module. Works perfect!

Now I thought it might be worth a try to let Forte also update the Novation controllers when I change e.g. the volume of a module by using Forte or changing a scene when several modules become muted/unmuted and volume levels change.

So far I wasn't able at all although I am pretty sure that my xml-file is setup correctly. Basically I took all the <Action...> lines and added an "Update " at the very beginning of each line like it is shown in the default xml-file which comes with Forte.

I'm wondering if anybody using a Novation Remote controller was able to do so?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the long subject line ;-)

Best regards

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