Live Sidechain Compression Effect?

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Live Sidechain Compression Effect?

Postby funkyant » Wed May 28, 2008 11:40 pm

First a bit of background:

Our current setup has a Mac book pro running Ableton Live (handles FX, backing vocals, MIDI clock, automated patch changes for guitar, vocal FX, etc), as well as a PC running vStack which handles all live VST's. There is a MIDI tie line from the out of the mac into the PC (using an M-Audio MidAir).

I have recently discovered Forte, and am messing with the demo version. So far I LOVE what I see. And expect to buy it, short of something major I've missed.

I've had perfect quality/ stability/ performance using:
2Ghz C2D
2gb DDR2 800
Echo Indigo IO

I've got loaded all at once:
Pro 53
The Grand 2
rcg Pentagon I
Arturia Minimoog
Luxonix Ravity

These are all receiving on different MIDI channels, and being contolled with my trusty Roland A30, an Alesis Control Pad with 2 external cymbal triggers, as well as an AX-7 Keytar running over wireless MIDI. This way I just switch the controllers' channel to change synths.

The problem:

In the studio (SX4) I use Otium FX Compadre Beatpuncher for externally keyed compression effects.

I was hoping to be able to trigger a kick sample in HALion (via MIDI from the Mac running Ableton), and then route it to a bus in Forte with Beatpuncher loaded, in order to get a synced up live 'Sidechain' sound.

Unfortunately, this requires a Quad channel bus (uses rear Left and Right for the key input).

Are there any workarounds to get this happening? Would it be possible to incorporate a special Quad Bus into Forte for this purpose in the future?

Are there any decent MIDI controlled compressors that would allow me to use a simple midi note as the key, instead of an audio signal?

Is anyone else out there doing this?

EDIT: I've worked out that when MIDI is fully implemented for FX, I'll be able to run a simple MIDI gate, with timed envelopes to emulate a dance sidechain effect live. This I could work with :D

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