Hardware Profiles for Producer Edition only?

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Hardware Profiles for Producer Edition only?

Postby beatlab » Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:07 am

I´m a long time satisfied Forte and EHCo user. I use the Performer Edition because I only use it myself mostly on my Notebook.
What I´d love to do would be to carry only my Notebook with my RME babyface around and use different Masterkeyboards (Midi-Ports) at Home and at the rehearsal room. Or even better, program my scenes at home with different Audio and Midi Hardware and just copy the Rackfile to my notebook later on.
So the ability to have multiple Hardware profiles would be very helpful for me.
I´m sure I´m not the only one who would love it but thinks the Producer Edition would be too much. So making it an extra charge option for Performer users could be a good idea.

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Re: Hardware Profiles for Producer Edition only?

Postby evilantal » Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:53 am

One option for the different MIDI controller thing is to use an intermediate layer using MIDI-OX or Bome Translator and virtual MIDI ports.

The physical USB ports connect to MIDI-OX/Bome which in turn route the MIDI to virtual ports. Those ports act as the input to forte.
So no matter what (or if) MIDI controllers are connected, forte always sees the virtual ports. The routings and connections can be made and altered in the intermediate software.
I use this also as a means of protecting against unplugged USB cables during performance.
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