Best way to migrade / upgrade?

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Best way to migrade / upgrade?

Postby mcgoo » Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:56 pm

I am planning to retire my aging Laptop & start using a new one I just purchased. My old system uses the last version Forte Performer 3 on Win XP. The newer Laptop has Win 7. I plan to upgrade to Forte 4 with the new system. A few questions:

Stay on Win 7 or upgrade to Win 10? (sound card is a MOTU Ultralite FW / USB. Too many plug-ins to name, but mostly 64 bit.)

Should I install Forte 3 1st to make sure all my scenes & plug-ins work on the new system before upgrading to Forte 4, or simply go straight to Forte 4?

Any other do's / don't before I begin?



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