Preset Manager and MIDI Program Map

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Mr Beverage
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Preset Manager and MIDI Program Map

Postby Mr Beverage » Thu May 21, 2015 12:07 pm

I recently created a "new" rack without copying from and old rack and without using the "save as..." from an old rack.
My new rack was created from scratch. When I added an instrument to the empty rack and opened the Plugin Console I discovered that the Preset Manager user presets and the MIDI Program Map settings were there from one of my old racks that use the same instrument!
I did not expect to find any Preset Manager or Program Map data in my new rack.
My question is: Where is the Preset Manager and MIDI Program Map data stored?
My concern is that I'm not safeguarding ALL of my settings by backing up the ".rcf" files.
Are there other system files that I should be backing up to protect my work?
Can anyone give me detailed info on where ALL of my data is stored?
I must be able to quickly restore my entire show to my "hot" backup system in case my number 1 system goes "kaput".
Thanks much,
Mr B

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Re: Preset Manager and MIDI Program Map

Postby RackedBrain » Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:47 am

Hey Mr. B,

I see you didn't get a reply yet. Forte uses a number of configuration files in the XML format. The rack file is also XML, but has a different file name extension. Some of the XML files will be in \Users\{your name}\Roaming\brainspawn\forte 4\*. plugins.xml and plugins64.xml come to mind along with the Forte.LOG file. Others will be in \Program Files\brainspawn\Forte 4\*. Along with the .EXE and .DLL files that make up the product, there are a few other definitions.

I haven't found anything in \Program Data\, but that might be another place. My current machines don't have a brainspawn\Forte x\ subdirectory, but Brainspawn could put data there, too.

I don't usually backup \Program Files\ directories (since they are created by the product's INSTALL or SETUP.EXE, but you may want to make an exception. Same with \Users\{name}\Roaming\. Usually, I only backup Documents. But, as you've discovered, some programs leave config files in other places than your working directory.

RB (Richard)

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