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Post here if you are having a problem with or a question about forte that is not about a plugin or audio/MIDI hardware.

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Board Response

Postby MikeG » Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:50 pm

Hi folks,

Mike here...I'm sorry if there's any topics here that you believe required urgent attention from me that I have not responded to yet.

Although forums are great for users to interact, they are very difficult for moderators to use for any sort of triage and support. There's no tools for figuring out the "must respond" heat spots other than to just read everything (and once its viewed, its marked as read and gone). I am unable to read and stay up on everything as this is a very busy time of year and my hands are full with questions from the main support channel. The forum for me is primarily for users to communicate, and therefore has to be lower in priority for me than the main support page on the web site.

Please do not assume that posting a message for me on the forum will get timely attention. If it is urgent, please post to the main support area of the web site, and make sure you have a detailed description of the issue and repeatable steps. I cannot act on general descriptions.



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