Forte stops processing audio on scene change

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Forte stops processing audio on scene change

Postby sosKeys » Thu Dec 18, 2014 2:01 am

Hi Mike,

A new problem tonight, never observed before. On some scene changes, audio processing sputters and stops with the output meters in the rack sticking at some high level (not max). The program doesn't crash, but I have to cycle the Audio button (fka Power) to get audio back. After cycling, the program appears to work normally, but the problem recurs. On a particular scene change that only functioned as a page turn for display of the lead sheet, the problem was resolved by making all of the globs the same for active instruments (eliminated the audio stop but not the delay and hiccups) then setting all of them to ignore plugin config changes on scene changes. This scene change was workable in f3.

This is with a long standing rack file that is typically modified incrementally. I can post the rack file if that helps.


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Re: Forte stops processing audio on scene change

Postby speedinator » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:29 am

Hi there,

i experienced a similar problem. After a scene change audio processing suddenly stoped. to be precise: After a scene change my Plugins (kontakt/vb3/mini v...) worked just fine and produced an audio signal, but this signal didnt't make it anymore to the bus (and audio output). I couldn't reestablish audio connection by cycling the audio-engine on and off. After a restart of forte everything was back to normal angain.


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