Options>Program Setting - Options disappear

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Options>Program Setting - Options disappear

Postby Bgober » Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:18 pm

Mike, I just want to say that Forte 4 looks great and the new features are exciting. Having been a developer for more years that I care to mention I get how frustrating it can be to release something new and have customers find issues/defects with it. Such is software development. I assume that this forum is the best place to report defects. If not please share your preference.

I have experienced a couple of crashes and anomalies but nothing consistent. I did not send the dumps. I have noticed that if go to the Options menu then select Program Settings all the options show as you would expect. However if I make changes (I made some changes to my SceneView settings), close the menu and then go back into the menu some of the options in the tree are blank. It seems more disappear with each subsequent close and then open. The tree and symbols are still there but some descriptions are not. And it does not appear that you can click where the description was and get a response. I had to shutdown and restart Forte to correct this and as before after the first access of the menu they disappear again. I'll be happy to send a screen shot if you would like.

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Thanks again

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Re: Options>Program Setting - Options disappear

Postby sosKeys » Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:40 am

I just experienced the same problem tonight except that it was all or nothing: either the tree labels are all there or all gone. Closing, then reopening the Options/Program Settings dialog with Cancel did not seem to change the tree, but selecting OK or opening the Rack Editor would make the labels come back on the next opening of the dialog (I'm not exactly sure, was in the middle of rehearsal and didn't have time to methodically work through the permutations). The big difference is that I did not have to restart Forte to get the labels (and their functions) back. The issue has never happened on my computer at home, though I haven't yet loaded my full rack into F4 since the release.

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