Midi phrase player VST?

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Midi phrase player VST?

Postby dougalex » Fri Oct 10, 2014 9:43 am

In some songs I would like to be able to trigger a phrase of midi notes by hitting a single midi note (or midi button).

Is there a VST that I can record (and/or manually enter) a phrase of midi notes, and then allow me to trigger that phrase by hitting a single midi note (or midi button).

So far I have been triggering an audio wave in a sampler (to play a phrase when I hit a single note), but I now want to start doing this utilizing a midi note phrase, so I can always tweak the sound easily, and change the playback speed (tempo) easily.

I use Forte as my live performance host.

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Re: Midi phrase player VST?

Postby Angel » Fri Oct 24, 2014 6:12 am

Hi dougalex,

I'm looking for exactly the same functionality. My best candidates for now are:
Sugar Bytes Thesys
http://www.sugar-bytes.de/content/produ ... hp?lang=en

or Consequence
http://www.sugar-bytes.de/content/produ ... hp?lang=en

More simple:
It lacks a note lenght feature, however.

In Forte you can route the MIDI output of these VST plugins to the MIDI input of your VST instruments. This adds some samples of latency.

At the moment I'm using the built-in arpeggiator in Steinberg Hypersonic for triggering sequence loops. Our drummer and I don't like clicks in the ear so I have to adjust to tempo fluctuations of the drummer by retriggering the loops after some bars.

Probably my new rack will include Omnispehre, Steinberg HalionSonic and NI Kontakt 5. They all have built-in arps which are quite flexible so I won't need an extra tool.


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