Trigger midi note phrase/loop

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Trigger midi note phrase/loop

Postby dougalex » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:58 pm

Rather than trigger a sound on a virtual instrument/sampler from "a midi note", I want to trigger a "tempo-synced midi phrase or loop" from "a midi note".

Then the "triggered midi phrase/loop" would play a virtual instrument.

I currently play phrases/loops using a sampler - by recording the phrase/loop as a wave, load it into a sampler, and assign it to a midi note for playback as a phrase or loop.

If I can instead trigger a "midi phrase/loop" with a single midi note, then I can accurately "vari the tempo" and "change keys without affecting the tempo".

Are there plugins that are "midi phrase/loop players".

Any methods to do this in Forte?

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Re: Trigger midi note phrase/loop

Postby Burtan » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:45 pm

I think some people use EnergyXT to do this. I don't own it, thus I can't tell more :-/.

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Re: Trigger midi note phrase/loop

Postby dougalex » Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:54 am

EnergyXT is a good suggestion, and not sure if it works being used "itself" as a VST plugin (I will look into it further)

In the meantime, to clarify further, I am looking for a vst plugin that has:
midi phrase/loop creation capability
the phrase/loop can be triggered by a midi note
the vst plugin provides a midi port out (that shows up in Forte midi port options, and thus can used as the midi input for a virtual instrument).

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Re: Trigger midi note phrase/loop

Postby DarkKman » Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:56 pm

I do something similar but not sure exactly what you are trying to do when you say MIDI Phrase/Loop - do you mean a MIDI Pattern Sequencer (Programmable Arpeggiator kind of thing)? If so there's a Free (I think) VST called BlueARP which you can read about here: or a slightly more fancy and not free Catanya 2:

This will arpeggiate whatever VST instrument you want - so you can change tempo, key and sound/instrument. Its programmed like a step sequencer but its acts like an arpeggiator i.e. you hold down one note and it will play the "sequence" you want.

Or do you mean Loops (which I just associate with audio)? What I actually do is Audio Phrase Looping which I do by splicing the loop in Recycle (I think there's a freeware version 2.0 somewhere) which creates REX files which, when played in a VST sampler like Kontakt, will read each splice as a beat and therefore when you change the tempo the pitch remains the same and vice versa. Again, this will be triggered by one note.

Hope that's some help.

Oh and... I don't do "this" specifically in energyXT, so can't help there, but I can confirm that there is a VST version of eXT which is used quite extensively by users of Forte (I use it to trigger backing tracks and click tracks along with some other automation.

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