Satisfied, but please correct the manual!

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Satisfied, but please correct the manual!

Postby dougalex » Sat May 31, 2014 4:52 pm

I am a new user
Just used Forte on a live gig for the first time and so far I am satisfied enough to make it my choice of "live plugin host software".

Most important lesson so far:

If you are using samplers (I use VSampler), study your sampler "multi-timbral implementation" and/or "bank/preset select via midi" features very carefully, because you will need to load a "master sampler library", and then only use "midi port/channel assignments" or "bank/preset change" to change "the instrument" with each scene.

While all my other various VST instruments and effects were loading all sounds for any song (three keyboards with splits) in less than 2 seconds, my sampler was taking up to 30 seconds to load a song. So Forte finally became usable to me only after I set my VSampler and piano VST (Pianimissio) to be “excluded from loading preset data on scene change” (Menu: Options|Preferences|Scene Options is where you add the sampler to the list)

The manual is confusing because:
1] on page 91, manual says: You can also check the box "Do not use per-scene configuration data" to avoid having a new VST chunk downloaded during a scene change
There is no such checkbox. I think it should say select dropdown list option "Do not set per-Scene plugin configuration data (plugin uses what was last saved)"

2] on page 43, manual says: To properly use plugins like this (samplers), you should configure them to “Set configuration data only if this is the first scene used”
There is no such option. Again, I think this should be corrected to the option that actually exists in forte, which is "Do not set per-Scene plugin configuration data (plugin uses what was last saved)"

BTW, I am not sure why the option is not simply called "Never load preset (use preset last saved with Rack)".

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Re: Satisfied, but please correct the manual!

Postby MikeG » Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:09 pm

Thanks for the very specific feedback here. I'll clear the manual issues up (and yes the option was misnamed in the manual). You are correct and good advice about samplers.

Mike (brainspawn)

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