Any experiece with tablet-midi-controller an midi feedback?

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Any experiece with tablet-midi-controller an midi feedback?

Postby speedinator » Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:21 pm

Hi there,

i am thinking about adding a tablet as a midi-controller to my setup. Sure, a tablet is not on par with a "real" hardware midi controller when it comes to handling your vst. A good button, knob or fader feels just more intuitive. But a tablet looks like a good trade-off between functionality and flexibility. And there is one big (potential) advantage: I have always been looking for a midi-controller with instant feedback when switching through presets of my vsts or through different scenes in forte.

I tried the android app touchdaw, which is working fine as a normal "one-way-midi-controller". I could not establish a midi feedback, althoug touchdaw supports mackie protocoll as does forte. hmmm, will it ever be possible to control vsts in forte with midi feedback? I have been using novation automap which is "wrapping" the vst plugins to establish an iteractive controller feedback between the novation controller and vsts, but novation stopped further developing of automap and, of course, this method is limited to novation controller line up.

Any ideas and futher information welcome!

BTW: The apple alternative Mididisigner looks even better (better graphics, custom controller layouts, tweaks...), but since i have never been an apple follower i never had a chance of trying this app out.

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