Forte 3 64bit not working for me (nor is the Forum Board)

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Forte 3 64bit not working for me (nor is the Forum Board)

Postby electricfuzz » Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:41 pm

I want to use guitar rig as well as some of the new features in Forte 3 so I downloaded the trial onto a backup computer. I use Forte 2 on my main computer on stage quite frequently and am not willing to fix what isn't broke til I know the fix is able to run stable. One issue however is that my backup computer is win7 64bit and my stage computer is XP 32bit. I am hoping to upgrade stage computer OS to the same (Win7 64bit) as soon as I can get it all to function on my backup.

That aside, I installed Forte 3 64bit demo on my Win7 laptop and have not been able to get it to make a listenable sound, nothing but pulsing distortion. I tried Kontakt 5 first cuz that was all I had on this laptop. Then tried Ticky clav cuz I had it on a flash drive handy. Then tried my copy of pianoteq (installed 64 and 32 bit plugins for it). Same result every time. I have tried to search the forum for answers but search function has not been pulling in useful information for me lately. Something is wrong with the forum board, I have tried 3 different computers and both chrome and internet explorer with no difference. Does anyone else have to paste "http://" before every single page after it fails to load in order to actually get to view the page?! Not sure how I even figured that out, I guess you'll try anything if one gets frustrated enough! But I digress, here is some info that might hold some insight to my original problem.

I do not have a pro sound card on this laptop, it is just a testing ground, I do not perform with it
I use a cheap usb sound device with line/mic in and line out. The reason I use this is because I ruined my headphone out jack by stepping on the cable.
I use Asio4all driver so I can get at least a small amount of playability while testing software
I believe this is the first time Forte has been installed on this computer, so I never tested 1 or 2 on it either.
It is a Win7 Home Premium 64bit with an AMD Athlon II Dual Core M300 processor and 4GB RAM
If it does not install with Forte 4, then I have not installed Jbridge and thus far know nothing about Jbridge, however i should not have needed it to try out the pianoteq (nor the Kontakt5 but I know Kontakt5 has some other issues with Forte right now).

I guess I will go try the 32 bit demo and see what luck I get there, but ultimately I would like to move to the 64 bit realm since my stage laptop will except 8GB of RAM with the right OS. Although it runs XP, it was a Vista 64bit computer when I bought it, I opted to "downgrade" as anyone should have when faced with a fledgling Vista! It is a little old but is still a powerhouse computer that I have never even let run near full throttle! Which is probably the reason why it's the only laptop I have ever had that barely even gets warm on the bottom! It's like a 70s muscle car that has only been Sunday driven, I'm ready to let it fly before it actually is to old!

This is my first delve into 64bit computing in the audio world and has not been a good start any advice is appreciated!

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Re: Forte 3 64bit not working for me (nor is the Forum Board

Postby speedinator » Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:45 am

Hi electricfuzz,

first of all: the forum and the search-function is working fine for me... and i never had any problems like yours.

And now just some thoughts for the problems with your setup:

- The audioengine of Forte 3 is working fine on my setup (also runnig guitar rig).
- I would clearly recommend using a propper audiointerface with "real" asio drivers to sort out this source of error.
- Using an AMD Athlon of 2009 could also be a problem. Not just because of a lack of power, but also because of problems with changing C-States. I remember my old Pentium M and all the glitches when the processor changed through its speed steps. Since Core i-processirs i never had problems like that. Setting your processor speed to 100% could be helpfull (better disable all c-states in registry).
- Isn't it possible to install forte 3 next to forte 2? That's what i did switching from forte 2 to 3.

Anyways, i am sure forte 3 will work absolutely fine on your main computer on stage. I also don't like changing a running system, but you can try it out without risking an ultimate MCA.

Best, speedi

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