"all" list request

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"all" list request

Postby lancaster6 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:53 am

can a scene chosen by the "all" list be implemented at the very end of the scene list instead of the current position?
i will try to explain why the current config has messed me up on numerous occasions.
my 1st 20 patches need to stay in order so i can access them quickly from my triton. i dial 1 enter,i get piano scene; 7 enter, organ,etc. after 20, my scenes are tailored to a specific song so i choose them from the right click menu. if i had just been using scene 1 (piano), and i then insert a scene from the all list, that scene pushes scene 2 to the 3 position, rending my 1-20 order useless. if the "all" menu scene were implemented after my last scene, i think the problem would be solved.
thx 4 consideration.

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