Thoughts on Forte w/ MS Surface and W8?

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Thoughts on Forte w/ MS Surface and W8?

Postby Furillo » Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:29 am


Just curious to hear your thoughts on Forte with Microsoft Surface with W8 Pro.
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Re: Thoughts on Forte w/ MS Surface and W8?

Postby Volker Grosch » Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:21 pm


I had W8 Release Preview installed and (beside other audio applications) forte installed. I can tell 2 findings:

1) Tests with DPC Latency Checker showed Delays of constantly 1ms all the time. A look into internet forums showed it was not only me with 1ms! This delay seems to be implemented into W8. To be serious: I did not really have issues like stutter or the like, but on the other hand did not do in deepth testing on low latency. Only for information purpuse: the same PC showed values of about 150us max with Windows Vista 64 and Windows 7 64.

2) Metro: some like it, some hate it and I´m not a member of the first group. An audio PC is a workstation for me. The new W8 gui concept looks sort of "engraved" on the known Desktop. For me it is a pitty to be bound to Metro to access functions lying in the back now. For me there is no advantage in functionality but a big disadvantage in flow. It may of course be much more interesting for forte users with touch screens on stage. In this case Metra is able to make applications available for touch - but in the end: Metro doens`t support buttons in scene view / scene view 2...??? last not least: for shutting down the PC you have to step through different menues: obviously MS have the opinion modern PCs don`t need to be shut down? Also very annoying: there is no possiblity to activate something like a classical gui stile (the user is forced to get familiar with metro and the like!).

Please keep in mind that the issues I tell were made with release Preview! Maybe there have been changes meanwhile...

In the end I decided to not buy W8 and am a lucky user of a brand new W7 installation now.

Only my 2 cents on this and kind regards, Volker
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Re: Thoughts on Forte w/ MS Surface and W8?

Postby MrMusiX » Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:13 am

The DPC issue on W8 is related to the way the DPC tools (still use to) measure the delays. Something in the W8 driver stack has changed so that the "old" method of measuring DPC times does not give the intented results anymore. The timings you get with the current DPC tools are meaningless on W8, but they should not be much differnt to the values you got on Vista or W7.

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