new scene view 2 song selector ROX! 2 requests

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new scene view 2 song selector ROX! 2 requests

Postby lancaster6 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:10 pm

this has solved my song selection problem and will allow me to use the "All" song list for 300 scenes, for use with 5 different bands! gr8 idea, ty.
1. when i check "show title" in scene view 2 options, it displays the set list title, not the song title. the later would be my preference.
2. is there a way to add a gadget/temp folder (on scene view 2 screen) that you could drag and drop a song to, to cue it up for the next song? then hit a midi button to execute?

my band leaders make a set list, and after about 3 songs, it is useless because they are reading the crowd and taking requests. now that finding these songs is simple and fast (thx again), if i could cue up the next song while i'm playing the current song...would be awesome!

can't wait to use this live! i think i can actually use 1 big (huge) set list now!!

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