use of two audio soundcards poss.conflict

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Ron Benedict

use of two audio soundcards poss.conflict

Postby Ron Benedict » Thu Oct 09, 2003 6:49 pm

I use a EMU sampler with 5 midi channels and outputs + a piano modual + a vs880 with up to 3 channels of output audio=at times 9 audio outs. I use a Roland RPC/ Logic Sys. on a P4 custom built just for audio, no modum, printer or consumer audio cards.Its clean and runs great. I have the roland 8 buss audio card {r buss RPC] with a 3100pro digital mixer. I also have a 10-10 Delta audio card w/drivers instaled. When I play audio / soft synths through just the Delta the audio is clean, when I add audio through the roland RPC it starts to deteriorate, fuzzy light/med distortion after a 30 sec, always the same. I need this many outputs for my live playing sys.I play 150 dates a year around the world,and flying gear is a major problem.All my songs are mapped to my Korg kbds. Will the Forte software w/asio use 2 Delta 10.10s on 1 driver.My tec. says it should see all the outs as one card. The roland drivers are very close to the M Audio drivers,but not updatable.Before I buy another Delta 10.10 will they work without the roland card in the sys. The vsti inst. are Halion x 3, out delta. pro 52, out delta, Stienberg grand,out RPC, Loopzilla sampler x 2 for wav.track playback, out RPC . Also esp76 e piano ,ticky clav, claw frutyloops, cm101, the model e moog has an error message when I try to insert it. With the right # of outs tihs sys. should cover all my old gear ,and could be great.The band is watching with skepticism to see if I can pull this off. I,ve been planing this new sys. for years ,and would hate to invest time and money into a sys. that wont workwithout the right # of outputs. Thanks for all the help so far.

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Postby MikeG » Thu Oct 09, 2003 7:07 pm

Hi Ron,

Have you tried running a larger buffer size? Do you run ASIO or WDM? ASIO only supports one card at a time. With WDM, you may have some bizarre conflict of buffer sizes that cause hiccups.

We'll see if we can get you going.

Mike Garrett

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