EHCo not working in Beta 3 x86

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EHCo not working in Beta 3 x86

Postby Patrick » Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:55 am

I downloaded the 32bit version of Forte Beta3 (forte_BETA_3.0.11.3011_x86) and installed EHCo_2.0.4.207. When launching an "empty" Forte Beta3, i can successfully add EHCo as an instrument, but then when saving the Rack i always get following error: Assertion Failed! : File d:\my documents\forte 3\AudioMixerInterfaces.h, Line 154
Using the current version forte_Performer_Edition_2.2.17.2104 EHCo works perfect.

I want to use the Scene 2.0 features. to jump from song to song, skipping scenes. In the mean time could you please add Scene:41 to Scene:99 in the Edit Shortcuts List, as this would be a workaround for me.

Thanks for this great product!

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