Compatibility x32/x64, with and without jBridge

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Compatibility x32/x64, with and without jBridge

Postby Angel » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:32 pm


out of curiosity and for planing my new rack (8 modules, >40 plug-ins in total, >100 scenes) it have tested the following compatibility issues:

- Will Forte load racks created with x32 plug-ins in a x32 versoin of Forte (Forte 2.2 or 3.0 x32 Beta) into a x64 Forte install (Forte 3.0x64 Beta) with the respective x64 plug-ins, and vice versa?
Yes, as far as I have tested. As long as the dll names of the x32 and the x64 plug-in versions are the same, and as long as they share the same data (which is purely in the responsibility of the plug-in developer).
So far the only problem was TruePianos as the x64 version in named Truepianos x64.dll. Renaming it to Truepianos.dll like it is for the 32bit version fixed it.

- Can racks be exchanged between a racks containing a certain plug-in bridged with jBridge and another rack with the respective plug-in not jbridged?
Yes, as far as I have tested. jBridge seems to be completely transparent for plug-in data. So it doesn't matter if a plug-in is bridged or not, it will load the same scene data in a rack.

- Can these two facts be mixed or combined? Yes, for all combinations I have tested so far.

The consequence for me is the following:
My next rack still will be on a 32bit OS (WinXP or Win 7), a x32 version of Forte using x32 plug-ins. My current laptop has only 2GB RAM so no need for 64bit address space. I have the perspective to upgrade to more RAM (8GB) and using jBridge within the same x32 environment but giving each bridged plug-in its own 2GB RAM space. Based on the results above, I still could use the same rack. And as times goes by, 64bit drivers will be the standard for all hardware, all plug-ins come as 64bit, then I could switch to a 64bit version of Forte and Windows and can still load my rack, once created in 32bit.

More testing and opinions are welcome!


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