Midi and bus strange behavior

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Midi and bus strange behavior

Postby yamus » Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:01 am


My current setup is:

Two M-Audio ES88 midi controllers (ES88 midi out jacks going to midi in on sound cards; not using M-Audio USB midi drivers due to problems with the same driver name being assigned to two midi ins..)
Core2Duo E6600 at stock clock (no overclock)
8GB memory
Windows 7 64-bit
Three sound cards: RME Hammerfall HPSDe AIO (PCIe card), M-Audio 2496, and EMU0404.

I started forte and selected the EMU as the main ASIO sound device. Then I restarted forte. Then I loaded a rack where the RME had previously been the ASIO sound card, so the busses were all routed to RME outputs. When the rack loaded, there was no sound. When I played the midi keyboards, there was no indication of audio being generated by the VSTi's looking at forte's VU meter. The VU meter was just dark. Then I noticed that although I had selected the EMU as the ASIO device in the Options menu, the outputs for the busses was still the RME card. When I click on the bus to change the output routing, it does not offer the EMU as an option. It only shows the RME outputs as options.

Any ideas? I wonder if it's related at all to the runt issue that was solved, though I have no reason to think that other than both problems sort of happen at rack loading time, and seem to be related to changing HW.



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