Using Forte with dual-monitor setup

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Using Forte with dual-monitor setup

Postby hisdudeness » Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:02 am


this was a question raised in several topics and I don't know if it's solved yet but I figured it out some time ago:
The question was referring using Forte with two monitors (dual-monitor setup or extended desktop), having the Forte rack on one monitor while having SceneView on the other.

This is how it works:
Setup an extended desktop with your Windows OS so that you can move with your mouse from monitor to the other seamlessly. While configuring this extended desktop one of your monitors will be defined as the primary (where you will have the taskbar and the applications to be opened), the other will be the secondary, where you can drag apps to with your mouse (as long as applications are not maximized).

Then open Forte. It will open on the primary monitor and you will see your rack.
Now move the Forte rack over to your secondary monitor and THEN press Alt + 0 to open SceneView. SceneView will now open maximized on your primary monitor while the Forte rack is still shown on the secondary.
Now you can see your song/scene list and lead sheets on the primary monitor while you can edit your rack on the secondary.

Sidenote: When you open instuments in the Forte rack they will be opened on the secondary monitor where the Forte rack is. But you can detach them from the rack and move them over to the primary (SceneView) monitor as well. And if you then minimize them you will see them on the bottom of the SceneView display which gives you from my point of view a much better overview then having them cascaded over the Forte rack on the secondary monitor.

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