A "lag" problem with ReFX Nexus

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A "lag" problem with ReFX Nexus

Postby leo_arancibia » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:00 pm

Well, as you know the nexus is basically a Rompler, like the hypersonic. But i have a problem with it. when i change the scene using it, i mean two different nexus presets, i get a really big lag, that assume that's the same time as "preset load" message appears into the nexus GUI.

From here, all is about the nexus and nothing about the forte, ok. But when i press the "previous scene" button the load it's almost instant, is this because the previous preset stays loaded in the RAM??? and if it's like that, how can i do to preload some presets in the ram to avoid this lag? i got 2 GB of ram an the forte uses "only" 480 mb of it, leaving me with MORE THAN 1 GB OF FREE RAM!!!!


BTW: My setup.
Athlon X2 4200+ @ 5000 (2x2.5Ghz)
Kingston Ram Modules 2x1 GB DDR800
Western Digital 250 GB HD (for OS)
Maxtor 500 GB (for VST)
M-Audio AP192 soundcard

Windows XP DAW Edition

1 Ehco
1 Audio Input (For my juno-d)
1 Hypersonic 2
1 NI B4 II
1 Minimonsta
1 USB Xtreme FX
1 ReFX Nexus

and that's it! =) :roll:

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