MIDI Routing Error Messages from One Rack to the Next

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MIDI Routing Error Messages from One Rack to the Next

Postby Moderato Maestoso » Sat Sep 08, 2007 10:57 am

Hi guys,

I have been developing a series of .rcf files on my "development" machine. However, when I port them over to the show machines on every open I get a message saying [something like]: "Could Not Find AudioFire8 MIDI Input Port, Please Select Another Port" with a list of the ports available (which happen to be called AudioFire8 as all machines are *exactly* the same).

Even when that file is then saved on the show machine, the message still comes up *EVERY* time the rack file is opened.

Also, on one machine, after editing a scene about half way through the setlist, that message comes up AGAIN - which leads me to believe it is a per scene setting...

...but, how do I change the scene.

We want to have a totally automated load sequence (actually loading forte as the windows shell), and these MIDI messages are really annoying (especially given that every machine is identical). Is there any way to stop it?

Sorry, but the show is on tour at the moment so I can't et to it to provide any rack or log files... :?



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