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Midimate II? Flexible I/O configs in a cable only interface

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:51 am
by electricfuzz
Been looking for the simplest way to get one midi input into my usb. By simplest , I mean smallest/least parts, and not that I am too stupid to figure it out ;)
I bought a cheapo (>$10) midi I/O just to have something to try while I research the interface I will want to use on stage. It is USB at one end split to a midi In and a midi out, in the middle is a small plastic housing for some LEDs and a tiny bit of circuitry. Of course it is crap, sends a single note on message (E above middle C if I recall) at full velocity every now and then when I hit the sustain pedal, and different occasional note when I hit the soft pedal. Only happens here and there but can be brought on pretty frequently if you try by repeatedly hitting the pedals. I can only assume the issue is the new midi cable/interface as it is a new problem and the only other new piece is the sound card. I don't think a sound card is capable of sending a midi note on message as far as I know. Not helping this little piece of junk is the fact that my controller is a much older Roland HP1500 that insist on sending "Active Sensing" messages several times a second for every fraction of a second that you are not purposefully sending data just to announce that it is still there (I know people like that too, they suck)!

Basically , I am trying to downsize my setup. Trading my Edirol FA66 for an Echo Indigo I/O and my Yamaha Motif Rack for 100% VSTi's. So with the Edirol, I lose my only midi input as well, which has led me, thus far, to the ESI Midimate II. The few reviews I have found have been favorable, by appearence it is essentially just a cable (which boggles my mind, where is the "brain"?), and most uniquely, the two midi connectors don't necessarily have to be one in and one out! They can be two ins, two outs, or the standard I/O, apparently the thing automatically knows which way the data is flowing. Oh yeah, its only like $30.

I am only on day two of my search, but this seems too good to be true. If it works, it is the exact and only thing I want. It's the only one like it that I have found so far (regarding the self aware I/O options). USB on one end, Y-cabled out to two midi connectors, nothing but wire between?! Anyways, I am ready to order one if someone can tell me this is real and works. Any experience out there? If not, I will probably purchase one anyways and report back so if this sounds of interest to anyone, keep an eye out.

Cory Potrafka
Jackass Flats
Richmond, VA

Re: Midimate II? Flexible I/O configs in a cable only interf

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:40 am
by speedinator
Asaik there is a tiny tiny controller inside the usb connector. A direct connection of midi-signals to usb is not possible...
i read an article about the edirol usb midi line up one or two years ago, conlusion: