M-Audio Axiom 61 Gen 1 As a Control Surface

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M-Audio Axiom 61 Gen 1 As a Control Surface

Postby lilryu » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:58 pm


Could someone assist me in setting up the M-Audio Axiom 61 Gen 1 as a control surface? Any tutorial would be great :D

Thank you

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Re: M-Audio Axiom 61 Gen 1 As a Control Surface

Postby DarkKman » Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:29 am

I use an Axiom61 (2nd Gen) and initially had a Control Surface Map created however I ended up using Dirk's BasicStrip () and assigning Axiom controls to BasicStrip instead - for various reasons. I can guide you through this process if need be, however...

There is a good general tutorial for setting up Control Surfaces here: - you will need to change the "Ch=n" to whatever MIDI Channel you have your Axiom setup to output (mine is Channel 1 by default) and change the corresponding "Param1=n" to whatever CC the fader/encoder etc outputs. You can see this on the Axiom screen whenever you move a CC (fader, encoder etc).

Its aimed at Novation Automap but its pretty generic. Follow the guidelines in this post - - (e.g. adjust code in "MyControlSurfaceDefniitions.xml" to match Axioms config - you will usually find this located in the application data directory (typically C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\brainspawn\forte 3)). You will want to rename it too e.g. (<ControlSurface Name="Axiom61" Enabled="1" HasOutput="1" BankSize="8">). ALso note that none of the MIDI Feedback functions will work in the Axiom so you can either remove them or ignore them (I don't think leaving them in will affect anything).

When I get back to the studio this evening I will post the XML I used (the CC controls may be different for Gen1 but easy to find out what they are by looking on-screen of the Axiom when moving a controller or using Forte's MIDI Routing page -> Select MIDI Channel -> MIDI Monitor. But have a shot at getting into "MyControlSurfaceDefniitions.xml" and see how you get on... Remember to select your Control Surface in Forte options to activate (Options->Preferences->Control Surfaces->Add)!

As a final note the tool "Control Surface Definition Editor" which you will find in the Start menu, is actually fairly intuitive so give that a shot too...

Let us know how you get on, and if needed I will post more detailed steps if you are struggling...

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