Happy Forte Users please read!

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Happy Forte Users please read!

Postby damo76 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:46 am

Dear happy forte users,

would you be kind enough to post your complete PC specs that you use with forte as I am considering building a new rackmount style PC for live use as my laptop just doesn't seem stable enough.

Any suggestions hense this thread would be much appreciated.

Regard from Australia,


Volker Grosch
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Re: Happy Forte Users please read!

Postby Volker Grosch » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:01 pm


here my actual setup:

Host: Forte 2, jBridge

VSTis: Kontakt 4 (Factory Library, Vintage Organs, Scarbee A200 & Mark I, Vienna Concert Grand), FM8, Minimoog V2, Stylus RMX exp, Omnisphere, Sylenth1

VSTs: Audio Amage EOS

PC: Desktop Vista 64 Q6600, Gigabyte EP45-DS3R, 8GB RAM Mushkin 1066, 4 Samsung Harddisks / 1,5 TByte, RME Hammerfall DSP with Multiface, Motu Midi Express 128, Motif ES7 (only MIDI with FC4 & FC7), Area61, CME UF7, Santo S700 UPS

Hardware: NI B4D, TC Helicon Voice Live 2, AKG C1000S, TC Level Pilot

The Hardware isn`t yet state of the art but shurely more than strong enough for live purpose. I use the 32Bit version of forte and use jBridge to isolate "RAM-eaters" like Omnisphere and Kontakt to make all of my 8Gigs available. I would strongly recommand a UPS system for live (power-fail, brown-outs,..). Hammerfall is a real burner. It makes available very low latency with low cpu use. Besides I use 6 of the 8 outs (2 for keys, 2 for rhythm tracks, 2 for click-tracks on in ear-system).

Hope this can be of some help,

regards, Volker
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Re: Happy Forte Users please read!

Postby hisdudeness » Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:53 am

There is already a thread where users post their live racks:



Re: Happy Forte Users please read!

Postby damo76 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:42 am

yes I saw that thread but the users dont seem to list actual specs such as motherboard, or chipset...

I would really like to know this info from all the guys out there with a reliable setup... mine is not.

Kind regard

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Re: Happy Forte Users please read!

Postby sosKeys » Sun Dec 26, 2010 3:45 am

I've been using a rack mount system for a few years now. At one point it was pretty much state-of-the-art, but that that was more than 5 minutes ago :-) Here's the current config:

Case: Supermicro 1U 14" deep (particular model no longer available, but series lives on)
MB: Supermicro X7SBL-LN1 (Intel 3200 chipset)

I chose this for its form factor and support of the low power Core2 CPUs

CPU: Xeon L3360 quad core, low power CPU
4GB Kingston RAM (no overclock, higher voltage options on this server MB)
Raptor 150 GB drive for samples
7200 RPM notebook drive for OS and Apps
PNY Quadro NVS 295 PCI-E X1 video card (dual monitor support, no X16 slot on MB available)
SYBA PCI-E 1394 card, connected with flex riser and mounted internally due to lack of space. Port for connection to 828 Mk3 mounted on slot bracket for video card
Custom ducting and low noise, low speed fans driving ventilation for passive CPU heatsink

I keep meaning to take and post some pics, need to pull the PC out of the rack to do so.


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