Problem With Forte 2.0 - Help Me!!

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Problem With Forte 2.0 - Help Me!!

Postby calegher » Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:56 am

Hello All,
Thank you in advance for your help and I apologize for my bad English.
I use Forte I'll be right down to it ...
I have Forte ensemble 2.0 I use to manage scenes, live tracks etc. ...
I’m using two USB master keyboard (Roland-800 and Fatar vk88-plus).

1. I loaded all the vst, created the scenes, each scene set to the routing of midi vst concerned (Control Change, Transpose ...) and I saved everything in a rack file.
2. I started Forte with no master Keyboards connected to a PC to do a stress test overnight.
3. After the test, I reconnect the master keybords on PC, I open the Forte Project and unfortunately the Midi Routing informations were reset (for each vst midi ports were disabled and messages transpose reset) 4. I went to check the files Rack (written in XML) and the strange thing in it information about midi and VST ruoting for each scene were present.

Have any of you could kindly give me a hand to understand the problem.
It seems that if you start strong to ignore what he has written to the file rack-level settings midi routing. The scene settings are correct instead.

Thanks to all


Re: Problem With Forte 2.0 - Help Me!!

Postby hisdudeness » Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:28 am


when you started Forte without your USB-keyboards connected what happened with the Midi Device Wizard? Usually Forte asks you when something has changed to the Midi port settings so I'm wondering wherever you might have made your very first mistake in starting Forte without the Midi-Keyboards?

Probably it helps if you could attach your rack file (if it's not too big)?

I had problems with my Midi ports as well (disabled midi ports etc.) but I was able to fix it by editing the rack file through a XML editor(notepad++) manually.

If you open the rcf-rack file in notepad++ there is one very important paragraph where you can see you current midi ports:

<MixerScene Name="SaveState" Schema="7" Description="" ID="1632628759" Protected="0">
<MIDIDeviceProfiles OnLoad="Wait5">
<Profile Name="Original">
<InputPort ID="12" Name="nanoKEY" />
<OutputPort ID="13" Name="Out To MIDI Yoke: 1" />
<OutputPort ID="14" Name="Out To MIDI Yoke: 2" />
<OutputPort ID="15" Name="Out To MIDI Yoke: 3" />
<OutputPort ID="16" Name="Out To MIDI Yoke: 4" />
<OutputPort ID="17" Name="Out To MIDI Yoke: 5" />
<OutputPort ID="18" Name="Out To MIDI Yoke: 6" />
<OutputPort ID="19" Name="Out To MIDI Yoke: 7" />
<OutputPort ID="20" Name="Out To MIDI Yoke: 8" />
<OutputPort ID="21" Name="Automap MIDI" />
<OutputPort ID="22" Name="Automap Propellerhead" />
<OutputPort ID="23" Name="Automap HUI" />
<OutputPort ID="24" Name="nanoKEY" />

As you can see the InputPort with the ID="12" is my Korg nanoKey and this one is the only keyboard in this test rig I use.
So later on in the scene configurations in that rack file you will find paragraphs like this:

<MIDIFilter Name="nanoKEY" PortID="12">
<MapChannel From="2" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="3" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="4" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="5" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="6" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="7" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="8" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="9" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="10" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="11" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="12" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="13" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="14" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="15" To="Disabled" />
<MapChannel From="16" To="Disabled" />

Now try to find out if the name of your Midi input port is the same as used for the midi routings in your whole rack file.
If the name is different then something has changed due to running Forte without your USB-Keyboards connected and you have to modify your rack file by replacing the input port names with the current ones.

That's the way I solved my problems but please make backup copies of your rack files before you start!!!

Good luck!

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